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Maja Anna Chris

Maja Anna Chris

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City views series

I am always finding inspiration in architecture, in the straight lines of the facades and the repeating patterns of the doors and the windows. Inspired by the city, I combine my imagination with the impressions of the reality. The cityscapes in the ‘City views’ series are not an exact replica of the reality, but a reflection of it, transformed by the means of my visual language, sensibility, color palette and emotions.


They are painted in diptychs, but they can also exist on their own. 


The colors for this series are inspired by nature -  bright, rich and mixed with spontaneity. 

Maja lives and works in Amsterdam, one of the cities that inspire her the most. She finds the inspiration for her art work in the city, and focuses on the beautiful side of the visual to create new, colorful and positive representations of life.


She paints mainly with acrylics on canvas , birch wood panels and paper, but also combines pencils, graphite and pastels. Her process involves drawing, monotype and addition and subtraction of layered paint using brushes and palette knives.


Maja holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and a PhD in Art History. She had 8 solo exhibitions, won three awards and participated in many international exhibitions worldwide. Her artworks are collected all around the world - from Brazil to China.

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